If you thought the last post (Part 1 of a list of ideas for quality time with your kids) was good, you’ll love this one too. If you didn’t find any of those ideas useful, maybe you’ll get a few good ones from this list.

As promised here’s the second part of the list of ideas for quality time with your kids:

Play their video games with them

Your child is bound to have at least one multiplayer video game (most likely they’ve got lots), playing these games with them gives your child an opportunity to show off their superior skills and lets them relate with you on a peer level. I’d recommend the Wii if you’ve got it, it makes for great exercise too.

Go to an amusement/water park

On the weekend or any holiday take the kids to an amusement or water park and go with them on all the rides (that don’t make you sick). Be a kid that day and create a day of pure fun.

Plant a tree

It’s not a very entertaining activity and it might even be a little tiresome, but take care of it until it grows into a tree and you’ll have a standing testament to the bond between the both of you.

Go geocaching

If you aren’t aware of what geocaching is, well google it. Basically, it’s using GPS and a dedicated app to find hidden objects around you. You find the cache take something and leave something else behind. There are a few rules to follow but there’s plenty of information available on the activity online. Remember to do your homework before you set off on a trip and to always ensure the safety of yourself and your child.


I know you immediately thought of ordering in, don’t. Make your own pizza with the help of your kids, there are loads of recipes online. It takes a little bit of effort on your part, but the resulting pizza is worth it. Even if you don’t get it perfectly right, slightly underdone pizza is still delicious. I’m sure your kids think so too.

Read to or with them

A certain time carved out of the day (maybe before bedtime?) where the both of you can sit in your reading corner and read or if your child is very young, tuck them in and read them a story. Quality time, tried and true.

Create pirate maps

Bury treasures in different locations and create pirate maps (X marks the spot and all) and see if your child can find it, let your child do the same for you. Have a great time treasure hunting while the neighbors watch in confusion.

Find their old toys that are either broken or forgotten

Sit together and help them fix the toys or play with them and create a nice memory with the benefit of nostalgia working in your favor.

Spend a day performing random acts of kindness

The concept is simple but profound. You and your kid go around looking for any opportunity to perform an act of kindness (helping someone move a heavy object, helping change a flat tire or even buying lunch for someone that can’t afford it). You could spend all day doing this for even though the aim is to create a better world, the experience (and gratitude) is truly satisfying. It’ll also instill the importance of kindness in your child’s mind. A search for “random acts of kindness” return 2.26 million results on Google, so you’ll never be short on ideas.