With widespread access to information, ease of monetizing skills & work-related mental health issues on the rise, parents around the world are opting for more unconventional learning paths for their children.


Wait! Are you one of that hardcore “I believe in conventional schooling” people?

We still think you should give this a quick read.

3 (main) paths to choose from-


The homeschooling movement is taking off, thanks to the dissatisfaction in the current schooling, varied educational philosophies, lack of flexibility in the learning track & lack of individualised learning.

Homeschoolers usually are taught at home by their parents instead of sending them to a traditional school.

Did we just read your mind? Did you say “All this is impossible to do in India!”?

Well, No! There are several parents already doing this & are seeing some amazing results.

The best part is some of them are even documenting their journey so that everyone can follow along & maybe even adopt this approach like this Mumbai couple who have homeschooled both their kids – Son (21) & Daughter (15). They have some super pro tips for homeschool kids.


A more radical approach to homeschooling is unschooling. Unlike homeschooling where parents typically choose what is best for their kid, with unschooling the kids are at liberty to choose what interests them based on trial and error. This approach to learning is less structured than being homeschooled.

It’s an opportunity to release expectations and observe what learning looks like naturally for kids.



For parents who want to take the digital nomad approach & want to take their kids along on a journey of experiential learning in the truest sense, roadschooling is the way to go. Just like the journey of this Hyderabad Couple, Ramya & Ganagadar have chosen for their 10-year-old twin girls.

They have cracked the code of teaching their kids important skills while being on the move in their yellow Nano with just some bare necessities.


Gangadhar, who has worked for almost 17 years in the corporate sector, and Ramya, a school teacher, had decided to quit their jobs a while ago and do something they felt more passionate about. Ramya decided to conduct yoga classes and Gangu curated bespoke tours for eco-conscious travellers.

This is when they realised that the formal education system might actually inhibit their daughters’ true potential, and hence decided to roadschool them.

To our luck, they have been documenting their learning here on Instagram.



Though we have stories of other parents who are already doing this successfully, some skeptics might point to a few shortcomings such a learning path might have.

How to compensate for the shortcomings of choosing the unconventional?

Lack of social interaction for kids

Yes, this problem is real & huge but there are ways around it.

1. For ones who live in a tight-knit community, they can always find friends in the neighbourhood

2. While travelling they are sure to bump into friendly co-travelers

3. You can always join Facebook groups of parents who are on a similar journey & arrange meet-ups for their kids.1

Point of no return

If it isn’t working for your kid at any point you might be scared that you’ve closed the hatch & now there is no point of return.

This isn’t true, as there are several methodologies to try before you can stick to one, or there also is room to develop your own hybrid method that works for your kid.

This mom-daughter duo who have taken a blended approach by homeschooling while indulging themselves in short road trips every now and then, calling it ‘Experimental travel’.


Huge burden on parent(s), No subject-based teachers –

For parents who might not be equipped or have too much time at hand, it could be a challenge having to design kids’ learning schedules every day.

That is where solutions like .app /(Bitly link to webpage)/ could help by giving kids the liberty to choose from thousands of skilling masterclasses. This also takes away your worry of not having expert teachers around to mentor your child & to keep skilling even when on the move.

No Safety net – What about exams? FOKMO – Fear Of Kids Missing Out!

There might be a fear that the kids might miss out on good grades, a prospective career that pays well, having a normal social life & the list goes on. Rest assured if you can come up with a list of all the scary things, work around obviously already exists. As for examinations, you can find schools in your community that allow homeschoolers to take exams with their schools & also have their timetables/resources shared by paying fractional fees. If not, there are government bodies like NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) which allow kids to take board exams under basic eligibility criteria.

Learning stops if parents fall sick

This is a valid point but it’s very unlikely that both parents fall sick at the same time, so as long as both parents are actively involved in their kid’s learning it shouldn’t be a roadblock.


We however agree that these paths might not be for everyone because of reasons out of their control. For such parents at the very least, we suggest that they look into schools that provide unconventional experiential learning.

Here we have curated a small list of such schools for you to get a headstart.

The Yellow Train School, Tamil Nadu

The Levelfield school, West Bengal

SECMOL, Ladakh

Aurinko Academy, Bengaluru

Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bengaluru

Pep School V2

Arivu Vidya Samsthe, Mysuru