No.7 is guaranteed to work.

Ever wonder if there’s a list of activities to keep your kid engaged? Sure, you love them but right now you’ve just got too much to do. Well here’s a list of stuff you could try some of it’s got to work, right?

Here’s an all-time favorite: Direct your own movie!

You can star in it, or you could just use action figures and stuffed toys. Your dog could be the hero! Let your imagination run wild, children will be hooked on this for at least a solid 72 hours. All you really need is a smartphone with a half-decent camera, any editing tool on your computer: windows and macs have free editing software. For all you know, the little one might be a creative genius in hiding!

“What do I always say? Anyone can cook!”

Sure that probably popped into your mind at some point and didn’t seem feasible right? Can’t make them cook anything too complicated and can’t really convince them to cook anything that’s simple. Here’s the sweet spot: Cook something that you know your kids can’t resist but isn’t too complicated to make and watch your kids turn into little chefs!

Fight them!

Sounds like bad advice, huh? Of course I don’t mean beat them up, I mean play pretend. Every kid I ever knew loved to throw a hit or two and unless your kid is a regular at the gym, it shouldn’t be too bad for you either. A solid evening of fun is present here and probably sore arms tomorrow.

Create your own game or let them make one up.

The more ridiculous the rules the more fun it is for everybody. It could involve cards, boards, dice, you name it! You could get some art and craft going in there too.

Play with the pet!

Bonding time with your beloved pet is always rewarding for everyone involved! Happy pet, happy child, happy you. If you don’t have a pet researching a suitable pet together is a great past time, try to go through with the adoption though.

Create an obstacle course..

…and then see which of your kids are the best athletes, you could even make prizes and tailor the events to each of your children’s strong suits! This one needs a bit of leg work though.

Do some science.

Buy educational toys and watch them learn all the concepts they’re supposed to learn at school, while they play. Additionally, the end product they develop will keep them busy for at least a few more hours.

Competition time!

Create a competition based on something you’re good at, this will ensure your child will take a fair amount of time to match or beat you. Competitions can range from best paper airplane to whistling ability.

Indoor camping?

If you live in a city and don’t really get the opportunity to explore nature. Try indoor camping, you don’t really need a tent, build a fort using pillows and cardboard, this is a lot of fun to do and creates a sort of cozy corner for as long as it stands.

Try origami.

Chances are you’ve got no experience either. This allows both you and your child to learn from the basics and the shapes you can create with paper are limitless.

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